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Build your website is simple

src=/marketplace/sources/image/others/responsive-design-visuel01.jpgOn Demand concept  allows to implement an original Store and depending on your needs. The cost of development or integration is completely mastered. ClicShopping is built like a brick.
After the installation, you can simply go to the Marketplace and download the modules you need. Your online store will include only the services you want to offer your customers. You will not be dependent on a specific architecture but you can develop what you want. We also provide you with a set of modules allowing you to start easily and directly installable by the administration

You do not have accustomed or you\'re a bit disturbed, specifications are available, one on the market approach, one on functional approach on the tool. Use them will save you lot of time and money.


All modules are functional and certified. Install a payment module is no longer a headache. The modules are quick to implement. Explanations are provided to implement and configure on each card products. We are also working to strong partnerships with various actors in the e-commerce environment.​

Your marketing to the effigy of your ambition

ClicShopping is a social ecommerce solution very modular. You can build what you want or almost.The programming of modules is done quickly and any script can be easily integrated. Additionally, you can choose a suitable communication to your customers in B2B or B2C mode either on the catalog or in your communication like sending newsletters, specials, favorites ....

Coupons discounts
Develop a communication strategy and promotions via ClicShopping is very simple. The coupons allow you to offer discounts to customers who will register on the site, share via social networks or allow them to have a special discount.

Ready for Mobility
Thanks to the technology used, the system is ready to be tailored to responsive design. Your site will be navigable on mobile, tablet, TV or PC. M-mobile is playing an increasingly important role in the environment of e-commerce and brings more customers.
Virality through social networks
With advanced features of your store, your customers can share experiences directly on Facebook, Twitter, GoolgePlus, Pinterest, Instagram ... and those very simply.
But you can communicate with your customers through twitter and share the latest news, specials, favorites or information about your business. ...

Share your store in the world

Optimization for search engines
We have implemented several technologies to allow your to be referenced more easily your store. Custom meta tag, html5, Micro-data, opengraph, twitter card, sitemap ... We have made sure that you have a homogeneous environment and ready to be properly decrypted by search engines.

Products Export
You want to go fast, a very interesting export products in real time or delayed function is offered in the tool, Shopzilla, Google Merchant, Le Guide .... All price comparisons can be integrated into the tool allows you to quickly be related to your future customers.

Integration of social networks
Essential now in communication, the use of social networks is a strategy in itself. Thanks to the market place, you can bring your customers a tool to measure their expectations and communicate with them more easily.

With this function, you can set different prices based on currency continents. Three currencies are taken into account, USD, EURO, CAD. Thus depending on the exchange rate, you can offer special rates depending on the location of your client.

Statistical Analyses
Upon opening the administration panel of your store, you have all the key indicators, Business profit, Registration customer, order.... Very quickly, you\'ll get a glimpse of the evolution of your business.

Targeting emails - tracking
A very interesting feature of the tool allows you to communicate with your customers based on their language, or client group to which they belong. It is also easy to put one or more types of tracker and have a better targeting of objectives to implement, or to expect to achieve.

Powerful communication and suited to your needs

src=/marketplace/sources/image/others/social_communication.pngSocial networks
Communicate on twitter via your administration !
Send a promotion, favorites, a newsletter, coupons on twitter is simple. Thanks to twitter, viral communication is very fast on all social networks and instant.
All networks are connected to twitter and you can easily do marketing without spending time on all social networking platforms.
In addition to the catalog section you can integrate modules of social networks that are available or create as many as you want.

The newsletter will allow you to communicate with the anonymous registration or not, English, French (or other), or customer groups created according to the options and then to publish on twitter. Html file can also be created for this purpose if your customers could not read your message. With MailChimp 360, you will be so easy to create newsletters and send them to your customers.

The adaptability of the store according to your customers
The communication on your site can be tailored to the needs of your customers. A registered customer can access specific information depending on the group to which it belongs. It is important to develop a specific and familiar relationship by providing personalized information.This function is very powerfull inside ClicShopping

A specific and highly modular environment

B2B, B2C, B2B-B2C environnement
ClicShopping integrates advanced management functions of client groups in the fields of communication, price, design, payments and shipments ... Features are very powerful and easy to use.

Open or private sale environment
More than just a shop, you can easily restrict access to your site and allow you to make private sales, B2B or B2C. The possible configurations are important and can perfectly match with your needs.

Management of payments and shipments very flexible

Secure Payment
ClicShopping can connect to many banks and financial institutions transaction. Thanks to its management group, you can adapt the management of transaction according to your clients. The solutions we offer on the market place are all solutions with pages hosted by the financial services provider. there are lot of advantages in terms of security on the financial transaction for your customers.
Visa, MasterCard, Américan Express, Interac or other solutions can be easily used.


Whether you are in Canada, France or other country, we try to offer you all kinds module allows your customers to receive packages with specialized service providers in this field. ClicShopping based choices can connect directly to the supplier shipping to display prices or you can enter proposed rates manually.

Openness to the world

Multi-languages​​, taxes and payment
ClicShopping can manage multiple tax types and display them on the invoice, simple or double tax charge as used in Canada are easily configurable according to case.
It is perfectly possible to create new languages ​​or adjust payment or shipping costs by geographic area.

Adapted regulation in many countries
ClicShopping is easily configurable and can easily adapt to a lot of regulation in the world. Whether the business number, tax number, delivery times. ClicShopping provides high flexibility at this level and can comply with the bills for many law.

Communicate effectively with Odoo, OpenSource ERP

ClicShopping natively integrates a connection Odoo, eg OpenERP, which allows to manage all activities of your business. With this connection, you have access to your accounting, your POS cash, beyond the overall management of inventory and products, with the overall management of your human resources. ClicShopping system is specialized in Ecommerce and Odoo, business management system is a set that you have the opportunity to gain time and productivity.