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We pledge to you, visitors and customers to our site in order to guarantee the confidentiality of the personal information you provide to us :

Volatile nature of the data collected on the site
To process your order, we must be able to know and remember some of the parameters that we have received from your computer : we need to know who you are and the products you \'re buying. Cookies are programs used in this single goal: remember the time of your visit, your identity ( your username and password ) and the contents of your shopping cart As you fill . Once your shopping is complete, this information is automatically erased, our cookies being what the so -called cookies . No worries then .

Protection of personal data
As a merchant, the merchant receives a certain amount of information needed to process orders .
The merchant handles all this information with the utmost confidentiality .
The automated processing of personal information on the merchant\'s website has been declared to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés .

Security of transactions
Payment by credit card is provided by Paypal known for its reliability in Internet transactions. The transaction is between you and the bank is encrypted (SSL).
You can check that you are not to consult a counterfeit spirit . Simply verify that the information above correspond to the security certificate that you can show :

If you do not find the little gold padlock or golden key , you are not in secure mode. So you can not verify the origin of the page. This can be a counterfeit.

Bank information you data on your own computer , will never circulate unencrypted on the Internet .
No credit card number is stored in the shop online sale or temporarily , verification time and enter the code in the TPE .

Secutity certificate
To ensure optimum safety in our site and the confidentiality of information circulating there , we set up a safety certificate allowing you to verify that the connection to the site where you are is perfectly reliable. This cerficat appears in a small window on the site. Clicking logo, you have access to a range of information to help you identify us. You can also click the cadenat appearing in base of your browser, you will know exactly the caractérisitiques of this certificate.

Compliance with French and European regulations
Accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have a right to access, rectify, modify and delete data concerning you. You can exercise this right by sending us an email :

We also respect the Directive 2009/136/EC of the European Union you will find a set of additional evidence concerning the processing of your data.

Cookies are small amounts of data that are stored in separate files in the browser files of your computer . Cookies are accessed and recorded by the websites you visit, and the companies that show advertisements on their websites so that they can recognize the browser.

We trying with cookies for the following reasons
- To help us recognize your browser as a previous registered visitor and remember any preferences that may beings sent during the consultation of our site your browser. For example, if you register on a website , the website can save your password so that you no longer need to reset each time you visit .
- To help us measure and research the effectiveness of content that you are presented

We may allow third parties to place their own cookies on your browser in order to provide you with relevant online advertising, and to help us measure traffic and effectiveness as described above, you open access to social networking features and services and to allow us to conduct surveys and polls which you agree to participate .

Facebook, Twitter and Google place their cookies on our site to help the integration and operation of the social network and use in accordance with their rules on privacy.

Web tags and Other Technologies
Web tags ( sometimes called transparent GIFs , clear GIFs , or web bugs ) are small lines of code that allows us to display a small graphic image (usually invisible) on a web page or in an email . Web tags can recognize certain types of information on your computer such as cookies , time and date of a page view , and a description of the page where the web beacon is placed .
We use web tags to enhance your experience on our site , including providing personalized according to your interests content.

Your Choices About Cookies and Web tags
You can choose to configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies , notify you when a cookie is issued, its validity and its contents, as well as allow you to refuse registration in your device, and delete your cookies periodically. Each browser is different, please consult the Help menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences .

Web tags are typically used in conjunction with cookies , so if your browser is set to reject cookies , or if cookies are deleted, the web beacons will not be able to track your activity when navigating websites .

It is up to you to decide if you will allow us or third parties to send you cookies, but if you block cookies, you may not be able to access or view certain content on our site. Using our website and choosing not to block or disable cookies, web beacons or similar technologies when you have the opportunity to do so , you consent to the use of personal information in connection with technology as described herein rules.

For more information on cookies and web beacons , including how you can manage the settings of your browser to accept or reject cookies , visit the Web site AllAboutCookies.org or, in French , the site of the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés : http://www.cnil.fr/vos-libertes/vos-traces/les-cookies/ .