Explore markets, want to acquire new customers, have a greater visibility of your products, improve your sales are the goals you want to achieve


A team of experienced professionals in marketing, strategy, technology will accompany you throughout the project to give you the advice for your project


The implementation of the strategy is in the right direction. The aim is to boost the growth of the project to help improve your visibility and sales.

We work with companies that have a desire to develop a E-Commerce project.

Selling online has become a mandatory presence for companies wishing to be close to their clients and offer them services in preview. Customers are no longer content to shop in a store but would rather be on the internet that their offer more opportunity for comparison.

ClicShopping is one of the first solution on the market to social and since the 2.0 version include the responsive design for a best navigation with the mobile phone

With over 10 years experience in the web, we are constantly adapting and updating our services in response to new trends. ClicShopping is developed by Imaginis and I2C solution. We have helped many clients to expand their e-commerce project office.

Through the solution of E-Commerce Social ClicShopping, you will be close to your customers and achieve viral marketing by sending information on Facebook, twitter or any other social network.

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